Hi, I’m Bellissa. Welcome to my site! I’d love to tell you some more about myself so you can decide if we’re a good match for a sensual, romantic meeting of our bodies, our minds, our souls.I am sure you have a favorite kind of girl, just like I have a favorite kind of man.
You should know I am a very soft, romantic, and sensual girl. I love closeness, sharing and intimacy.
Feel the same? Then I may be your girl.
I find strong but gentle and open men a real turn-on. Who says a man has to always be a rock? I love a man who can open up and show me his softer, vulnerable side. That openness signifies a strength to me that is deep and real.
Take a look at my site to know me more intimately — and don’t forget to look at my gallery. Take a look at a side of me which I will share with you openly, fully, and with abandon. I hope by the time you’ve looked around, you will have a more intimate idea of who I am — what thrills me — what moves me — and what turns me on in a lover.
If you like what you read and my entire being — body, soul, and heart — resonates with you, write me. I may be just the girl who can brighten your world, stir your erotic imagination, and inspire your soul. The thought of us sharing heartfelt hours together feels so intense. I love it! Because that is where the journey really begins.