Hi, I’m Bellissa. I’m really happy you’ve come to my web site – welcome!

After looking around and getting to know me a bit better, you may just decide we should see each other and get better acquainted. I would love that.

Let me be perfectly honest.

I am new to this exciting world. I have wanted to be a part of it for a long time and I have finally made it. I am so eager to fulfill my fantasies (and yours). Fantasies of being the center of a man’s attention and holding his 100% undivided focus as I give him the kinds of pleasures, joys, and excitement I know he wants, I know he cherishes.

But don’t worry. Just because I am new does not mean I am inexperienced. Ask any of my former boyfriends and they would tell you I am a very eager, open and truly GFE girl. It’s who I am and it’s one reason I have chosen to be here. Just as I want to bring you unlimited carnal delights, I also want you to pleasure me as well.

There’s nothing sexier than the lust, passion and intensity of a man’s desire. I absolutely adore it.

Enough with the introduction. Please take a look inside – find out who I am and decide if I am the girl who can brighten your world and deliver exactly what you are looking for as a companion, as a friend, as a lover…..

The Erotic Review

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